Watermelon and Avocado Salad

A few weeks ago I Pinned a gorgeous-looking photo of a salad made of watermelon, avocado, radishes, feta, and red onion. It seemed to capture the essence of summer! I forgot about it until today when I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner. I could only vaguely remember all of the ingredients and I left out the radishes (I forgot) and the red onion (dislike!). You can find the original recipe here. You will henceforth be disappointed in my photography skills after looking at that! I blame my track lighting in my kitchen. It’s terrible and it’s impossible not to cast shadows under it!

I started out by cutting an avocado in half. To remove the pit I just whacked the knife into the pit and then rotated the knife counter clockwise and the pit just comes out attached to the knife. I spooned out the halves of avocado carefully and cut each in half again.


Then I cut them in half the long way and into cubes (I use the term ‘cubes’ lightly – they were whacky shapes but I tried to keep them the same size-ish). I set them aside and got out my watermelon, slicing it into similarly sized cubes. Now came the fun part! Arranging! Everything was a little crooked so I used a spatula to run between the rows and columns to line everything up better. So pretty!


I made a quick dressing from half a lime and a tablespoon of olive oil. It was way too sour and plain so I added a generous pinch of brown sugar – maybe half a teaspoon. I whisked it with a fork until emulsified and drizzled it lightly over the plate. Then I chiffonaded some basil (yes I am aware that that might not really be a verb in the English language) and sprinkled that over the top. I crumbled up some Ricotta Salata, which is similar to Feta but a bit milder – very salty so use it sparingly. I salted and peppered my masterpiece, wishing I had a fresh peppercorn grinder, and presented it to the hubs!


He liked it! I think he thought it was a little strange at first but he ate it all and said it was good and very filling! I didn’t taste it because I can’t eat watermelon or avocado (my mouth hates me) but I’m sure it was delicious! I made myself a spinach salad with blueberries, ricotta salata and the same dressing. Then I ate a huge plate of pasta carbonara and didn’t have my salad. It’s sitting here waiting for me to want my late night snack though!!