Homemade Baby Food – Plums!

I’ve been making all of my son’s baby food since he started eating solids at a little under 6 months old. I love doing it! I really like that I can control the quality of the fruits or veggies and offer him foods that are at their tastiest. It saves a ton of money, it’s really easy, and we both love it!

Two nights ago I made him plums for the first time! Now I can’t eat plums because they have a pit and they are one of the many many fruits I can’t have. I used to be able to eat them when I was a kid so I know how to pick out ripe ones. I cut a small X through the peel on the bottom of each plum and put them X-side down in an inch of water and let it come to a boil, cooking them for about 7-10 minutes. The skin had mostly come off by itself at that point but when I took them out of the water I worked quickly to remove the rest of the skin. My poor hands did not enjoy the piping hot task. And also…did you know that plums will stain your fingers almost as badly as beets? Yeah, neither did I. Oops. Look how pretty my little skinless plummies are! Sorry for the terrible lighting – it was 11pm when I decided to undertake this task!


Now I cut them into chunks, removing the pit, and threw them in the food processor in batches and poured the puree into a bowl. Easy! As you can see I’ve got quite the set-up going. I don’t know why I thought I’d have the energy to do all those fruits and veggies at 11pm. I did not. They are still on my counter waiting to be pureed.


Next I spooned the puree into an ice cube tray, put on the cover, and popped it in the freezer! Now I should mention that you can buy all sorts of products that are marketed to be used specifically for freezing baby food.  I almost bought Oxo brand baby food trays until I realized they were identical to the Oxo ice cube trays but with a green lid instead of a blue lid and twice the price. Hubs ran to kmart or somewhere that you can buy ice trays and picked up these Oxo ones. They are rounded on the bottom so I never have corners of frozen baby food getting stuck. They are covered, too. Make sure you put plastic wrap over your trays if they don’t have lids.


So pretty!! These plums just said “California Plums” so I’m not sure what variety they are but I was so surprised that they were purple all the way through! I feel like the plums I used to eat were yellow inside. Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe it’s from cooking them? If you’re a plum expert and care to chime in, please enlighten me in the comments section! I should also note that they were very sour! I took a tiny taste (remember I can’t eat plums without my mouth falling off) and made the hubs (who despises hot fruit but loves his son) come taste the hot puree for me. He said “well we’ll just have to see if he likes it!”, which I think is code for “EW!”. The next morning I threw the cubes into a quart sized ziplock bag and took out 2 to defrost for Henry’s lunch.

So for the test! I had to use a good bit of baby oatmeal to thicken up the puree. I can’t get over the beautiful color! I am totally making beets for him soon!

*Also– am I the only crazy person that chooses the baby spoon color based on the color of the food I’m serving? I’m really particular about this – I do not ever use a spoon that is the same color as the food. I was slightly disappointed that blue was the only color left. I like a more contrasting spoon color. Hey, mealtime has to be fun, right? Ok, end crazy lady tangent.*

He LOVED it!! I was shocked. I’m sure someday he’ll be eating Warheads (remember those?) and Sour Patch Kids like his mama!


And here’s the happy tester! I feel this photo needs a caption. Can you please offer a proper caption for me in the comments? I am not feeling creative today 🙂


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